The charts surveyed for research on this website include the CKWX charts from January 1957 to March 1962: “The Sensational Sixty” and the “Fabulous Forty.” In all approximately 270 weekly charts were viewed personally, or I had help from others for chart data before 1958.

Jim Bower of writes: “From 1957 to early 1962 CKWX was a “Top Forty” giant in Vancouver radio, and gave our region’s younger listerners the “Sensational Sixty” and the “Fabulous Forty” along with slogans such as “stacks of wax” and “a greater measure of listening pleasure”. And they gave us personalities which included Red Robinson and his “Teen Canteen” and “Platter Party,” and whose efforts they backed to bring Elvis to town in 1957, his first visit to Canada. And then there was the DJ with the squeeze-horn at his side–Buddy Clyde, and Del Erickson who occupied the late night slot, but who also sang and recorded local hits like “Two” and “Rockin’ Band” both of which charted high on the CKWX survey. And one can only wonder what it would have been like hearing Norm Grohman, Jim Robson, and Barrie Clark, spinning Elvis records.”

In 1957 Buddy Holly was featured in a jingle for Red Robinson’s Teen Canteen show. Red Robinson can be heard doing a promo for his show as well. WX also had jingles encouraging listeners to keep tuning in ’cause CKWX was the “best in the west.”

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