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This website’s 1130 Top Hits list is based on chart information from a number of sources. They are the Top Ten songs from local DJ Red Robinson’s Teen Canteen Surveys, first on CJOR and then on CKWX from September 1956 and January 1959. They include the CKWX charts from January 1957 to March 1962: “The Sensational Sixty” and the “Fabulous Forty.” They include the CFUN charts from September 1959 to September 1967: “Hi-Fi Forty,” “The Funtastic Fifty” and “The Fun Forty.” They include CKLG’s charts between October 1964 and October 1991, including the “Silver Dollar Survey,” “Boss 40,” “Boss 30,” “CKLG 30,” “Vancouver’s Top 30 Singles,” and “”Vancouver’s Top 30 Hit Songs.” They include CKVN’s charts on the “Top 30 Record Survey” and “Top 40,” between April 1970 and March 1972. And they include CFUN chart information (with some gaps) between April 1979 and December 1984. For more information about the three radio stations most identified with pop music in the classic rock ‘n roll era in Vancouver click on the links to any of the stations below.

(Photo on this page of Kelly’s Record Store. They often had ads letting radio listeners know they could buy the hits they were listening to on the radio in downtown Vancouver. From time to time they also had special record signing events with recording artists, like The Beatles, signing autographs for fans.).

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I Believe In Music by Gallery #524

I Believe In Music by Gallery

Peak Month: November 1972 9 weeks on Vancouver’s CKLG’s chart Peak Position #4 Peak Position on Billboard Hot 100 ~…

Tear Drop City by the Monkees #23

Tear Drop City by the Monkees

City: Edmonton, AB Radio Station: CHED Peak Month: March 1969 Peak Position in Edmonton: #2 Peak position in Vancouver ~…

Wild World by Cat Stevens #15

Wild World by Cat Stevens

City: Hamilton, ON Radio Station: CKOC Peak Month: April 1971 Peak Position in Hamilton ~ #2 Peak position in Vancouver…