Bound To Fly by 3's A Crowd

#1355: Bound To Fly by 3’s A Crowd

Peak Month: October 1966
5 weeks on Vancouver’s CKLG chart
Peak Position #9
Peak Position on Billboard Hot 100 ~ did not chart link: “Bound To Fly

On the Canadian West Coast there was a lot of experimenting with musical styles. Folk, pop and psychedelic rock were merging into a West Coast sound. In 1964, local comedian Brent Titcomb (born 1n Vancouver in 1940) also had vocal skills he was putting to use in small coffee houses. Another comedian with musical talents, Donna Warner (born Edmonton in 1946), was also interested in starting a music group. That August they began to write songs and became a trio when a coffee house audience member and guitarist, Trevor Veitch, became their third member. As part of the hipster scene at the time, the group took on an avant-garde name that was not indicative of who they were. Billed as the Bill Schwartz Quartet, their ironic name caused audience members to wonder what happened to the fourth person in the group, assuming their must be a fourth bandmate since they were billed as a quartet. More puzzling, there was no one named Bill Schwartz in the group. The oddity of their name grew tired fast and they next went by the name to 3’s A Crowd  as early as the spring of 1965.  In June ’65 the group was on the cover of the TV Times magazine in Vancouver.

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