Next To Nowhere by M.G. and the Escorts

#1: Next To Nowhere by M.G. and the Escorts

City: Bathurst, NB
Radio Station: CKBC
Peak Month: December 1967
Peak Position in Bathurst ~ #2
Peak Position in Vancouver ~ did not chart
Peak Position on Billboard Hot 100 ~ did not chart
YouTube: “Next To Nowhere

Pointe Claire, Quebec, was the town M.G. and The Escorts formed in 1965.  Glen Stephen played bass, Mike Gautier was on rhythm guitar, Graham Powers was the lead vocalist, Glenn Grecco played lead guitar, and Bill Bryans was on drums. Billy Bryans was born in Pointe Claire, Quebec, in 1947. In an interview with, Glen Stephen spoke about the lead up to the formation of M.G. and The Escorts. “I played in a couple of groups prior to M.G. and the Escorts. The first band was in high school in a group called the Crescents which focused on Buddy Holly songs. I later joined a group with Glenn Grecco and Billy Bryans in a group called the Strangers and the focus of the music was Cliff Richard and the Shadows. The Stratocaster was purchased in New York City in 1961 and it was coral red. I played rhythm guitar and we used a Danelectro reverb for the lead guitar. Glenn Grecco could imitate the Shadows guitar sound to the letter. We also played the Chet Akins style of finger picking as there were several people in the Pointe Claire area that played that style. I don’t remember the details of how the group formed into M.G. and the Escorts. Part of the group The Strangers joined with another part of a group with Graham Powers and Mike Gauthier.”
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