Bobby by Neil Scott

#760: Bobby by Neil Scott

Peak Month: July 1961
7 weeks on CFUN’s Vancouver Charts
Peak Position ~ #4
Peak Position on Billboard Hot 100 ~ #58 “Bobby

Neil Scott was the pseudonym for Neil E. Bogart. He was born in 1943 in the Brooklyn Jewish Hospital. Born Neil Scott Bogatz was raised in Brooklyn. Neil’s mother, Ruth, had high expectations of her Neil and his baby sister, Bonnie. His dad, Al, worked for the United States Navy. When Al was stationed thousands of miles away, raising Neil as a toddler was stressful for his mother. When Al Bogartz returned from World War II, he began to work as a postman. The family listened to Neil’s parents records and when they got an RCA TV set. Neil would imitate what was going on during a variety show. If there was dancing on the TV screen, Neil tried to do the dance steps. If there were comical jokes, Neil committed them to memory. Then he would tell them to his sister so effectively it would make Bonnie laugh. The family moved into the Glenwood Projects once these six story apartment buildings  were completed in 1950. With 2,700 residents from many different backgrounds living in 1,186 apartments, there were inevitably conflicts between neighbors.

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